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This is a summary of questions we commonly receive. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Are we really a Custom Cymbal Company?

Yes we really are a Custom Cymbal Company! We can do just about anything to the cymbal that is requested. We do not make you purchase cymbals that are in stock like other cymbal companies. There are tons of options available. You can request special venting, custom logos, special lathing, added hand hammering, darker/more complex cymbals, thinning edges for more response and much, much more. No other cymbal company offers custom cymbals directly to their buyers. Most cymbal companies can't actually touch a cymbal. How can a cymbal company sell cymbals if they can't actually adjust the look and sound for you? This is a great reason to select Saluda for all your cymbals!

Where can I find sound files?

At this time, we are slowly creating reference videos on our Youtube Channel. We will work on our sound section in the near future, which mainly will link to specific Youtube videos.

Furthermore, we can build off anything you can relate or reference for how you like your sound. You are also never stuck with a Saluda cymbal. If you ever get a new Saluda cymbal from us and you don't like its sound, send it back and we will gladly adjust its sound or character for you.


Where can I find your cymbals?

For sales, visit our Sales Division at or call us at 803-446-8000. You can also email to inquire about cymbal options.


Are you still looking for cymbal endorsers?

Yes, we try to add a few artists to our lineup each month. We do not offer cymbal endorsements to everyone. Our endorsers are a very important part on how we advertise. Before applying for an endorsement, it is important to go to this page to read more about our endorsement levels and qualifications. Don't forget to try out our cymbals before applying for an endorsement; this way you will get a good feel for them. You can't endorse a product that you have never put your hands on.


What is the trade program?

The trade program takes in your used cymbals/drum gear (any brand) or anything else that we may find value and, in return, you get our new cymbals on your set. We take the value of what is traded in and we apply it to what Saluda cymbals you want to get in return. This program is designed so you will have to pay little to no money to upgrade your used cymbals to our professional Saluda cymbals. It is all about what you are trading in and what you ask in return. Yes we do take in cracked cymbals but cracked cymbals don't have much value.


To start the trade process, email us the items you are trading in. You will need to be specific on the items and please mention the condition of your items. For cymbals, if they have any flaws, such as dings, dents, cracks, keyholing or faded logos, let us know this as well since this will help us determine their trade in value. We can take in just about anything drum related. Then, let us know what cymbals you want in return and we will make a trade proposal. Yes, we sometimes take in nondrum related items so just ask.


Can I purchase directly from this site?

You can purchase on our sales web site at


What do you do with cracked cymbals traded in?

Most cracked cymbals are cut down and sold as a cut down. Any scrap from the cut down cymbal is melted down. Cymbals that are too cracked to resell are either melted back down or they are used for experimenting, such as teaching hand hammering or other techniques.


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