Saluda Custom Cymbals

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Saluda Cymbals 10 Years

We are slowly working through the web site to give a lot more details about our cymbals, cymbal series comparison, video links, pictures and more. Keep checking back to see the progress.

Our newest series is our Ambiance series. This series was in the makings for 4+ years. This series is mainly dedicated to thinner weights, a little darker tones, faster responses and decays.

Check our Facebook site for our promotions, freebies, new products and updates. We currently have two Facebook sites: and

In the near future, we will drop one of the above and just focus on one Facebook site.

You can also follow us on Instagram at and Youtube at

We also do freebie cymbal giveaways on our Youtube site, plus many product and company updates.

Saluda Drums has been re-released. We are back to building drums and custom drums. We will have a full line of regular production models, in our DS series and we will have our regular Custom and ArtWorks series. Stay tuned for more information. The Saluda Drums web site will update within a few days. You will also be able to purchase stock drum sets from our 'Drum Gear Online' sales site.

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