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Sound/Video Files

Saluda Video Files (Videos help to get a feel for our cymbals)

Sound Files

13" Mist X Hi-Hats 14" Mist X Hi-Hats
14" Mist X Medium Crash 15" Diamond Med-Thin Crash
16" Mist X Medium Crash 17" Mist X Medium Crash
18" Mist X Medium Crash 18" Mist X Mellow Crash
18" Mist X Power Crash 19" Mist X Medium Crash
20" Diamond China 20" Mist X Heavy Dry Ride
22" Mist X Medium Ride  

Voodoo China and V Bell Sound Files

6" V Bell 7" V Bell
7.5" V Bell 17" Voodoo China
18" Voodoo Thin China 20" Voodoo China
27" Voodoo China  

These sound files are live or studio drum solos performed by our artists. Additional sound files can be found by going to the Artists' sections and listening to their available sound files on their web sites.

Songs by Dave Fender

Tombalita Voodoo Bride Wave Breaker
Jitter Bomb! Beatnik Saluda Sounds


Drum Solos by Ken Serio

Ken Serio Drum Solo #1 Ken Serio Drum Solo #2 Ken Serio Drum Solo #3


Please check this section often for new sound and/or video clips. You can also visit our endorser web sites for many more sound files, pictures and possibly videos.


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