Cymbal Services, Repair & Modification

Do you have a favorite old cymbal that's injured? Want to add rivets to your ride? Need to ozonate your crash? Do you want to jazz up your cymbals with some hand hammering? We can do it all!

Custom Services/Modifications:

We can customize your existing cymbals (any brand) by hand hammering them, adding vent holes and much more. We can do a wide range of mods to your cymbals. We can lathe heavier cymbals to be thinner, add stripes or finishes similar to our various series, add venting, rivets, custom logos or anything else you can dream up. Don't forget you can trade in your current cymbals for Custom Saludas.


Saluda Cymbals can "repair" cracks in cymbals by removing the area surrounding the crack, to ensure it doesn't spread further. While this is no guarantee that your cymbal won't crack again, it will prolong its life and get rid of the annoying buzz that tends to ruin the sound of a cracked cymbal. Small edge cracks can be ground out ("notched"), or we can remove a strip from the entire diameter of the cymbal so it's still perfectly round.

Repairs can then be turned into custom cymbals, which here you have a lot of options. Your creativity can go far with us customizing your repaired cymbals. Don't let your cracked cymbals go to waste. We can salvage just about any cymbal by turning it into a unique cymbal product.

Contact us today and tell us about your cymbal and let's discuss some options!